Universal Inc - Deceptive Pyramid Scheme

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You will get a call from Universal, Inc.and they will call themselves a marketing firm.

They will invite you in for a preliminary interview to "see how you may fit the company", still maintaining their position as a marketing company, not a sales pyramid scheme. After this interview they will sign you up for a secondary "interview", where one of their "account coordinators" will take you out into the field with them. This is where you begin to see what this company is all about. You are dropped off at a location with the "account coordinator" (salesperson) and you begin walking from business to business pitching discount sports tickets, go-kart tickets, etc to the employees WHILE THEY ARE TRYING TO WORK.

You will walk with them easily 5-6+ miles, which is not very comfortable after being instructed to dress "business professional", meaning dress shoes. During your lunch break the "account coordinator" goes over how the company operates and how you progress through the levels (pyramid scheme, everyone!). Then you go over the pay scale. And by scale I mean you get paid $10 per sale.

No more, no less. No base pay, period. During an 8-hour walk through San Bernardino in the hot sun in dress clothes, getting sunburned and blistered feet, the "account coordinator" made a whopping 3 sales. 30 dollars for 8+ hours of work, walking 5-6 miles in 87 degree weather, and disturbing 155 people during their work day.

And you are stuck with them for the duration of the day.

This company has absolutely no respect or value for your time.It would at least be nice if they told you during your initial interview that this is 100% performance based pay so you could tell them you are not interested before they get the chance to waste 9+ hours of your life.


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I actually tried this back in March and well i was in need of a job but, i left after 3 days. Now i have actually noticed that they changed their name to Drive-Inc. Lol how sad is it that they have to change their name.

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